This reflective exploration of experiences in electronic publishing (i.e, e-publishing), using open source software (WordPress and Pressbooks), is for developers, authors, educators, and students interested in contributing to the knowledge base of the world through open electronic literature (i.e., e-literature).

In the past several years the author has been asked how is it possible to get a textbook onto the Internet?  This question has led to the establishment of this collaborative e-publishing incubator for open e-textbooks, and further pondering on the present and future opportunities for open e-literature in Canada and the world.

Title Origin

A MEM is an intersection of media and mind. Humanity has a predilection for recording memories. Digital compilations expand and contract as more reflective memories are committed to bits and bytes. The contributions in this published work within WordPress Pressbooks server are erratic with no regulated frequency – a fluctuating MEM sandwich of content.

A MEM is expressed in content such as “weblogs” (“Blog,” 2016), containerized for distribution, that can be modified, searched, and annotated. The term MEM describes the next generation digital packaged content of aggregated memories that form a cohesive human readable assemblage for the expressed purpose of assimilating or accommodating meaning into an individual’s reality.

Sensory Device Extension

Mobile devices, from smart eye-glasses to tablets, provide MEM loci of bidirectional connectivity in time and space. The devices are sensory extensions transmitting and receiving reality that may be assimilated, accommodated, or neither permutation of recognition resulting in confusion and noise. Connections may be embedded in the MEM or directly hyperlinked. Depending on the container reader/viewer, the external application may function internally and externally as a connector to the mobile device.


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