This open MEM (i.e., e-textbook, e-literature, etc.) does not represent or express the views of Athabasca University.

This is a personal reflective record rather than a dissertation on the process of creating an open e-textbook via WordPress and Pressbooks. Consider this open e-textbook as a hybrid between a blog and a journal, that is also a test site for Pressbooks configurations. Citation formatting will align with American Psychological Association (APA) standards. In certain cases, footnotes are used for testing text referencing in PDF and ePUB exports.

While the author has been involved with computers since 1979 and the Internet from about 1984, the complexities of technological environs are always humbling. The author has never found a perfect digital system… but it has always been fun trying, in particular integrating Bulletin Board System’s into educational environs.

Please note that epub-fhd.athabascau.ca is not affiliated with the Pressbooks.com: Simple Book Production – which is the default footer link. Each new install and upgrade of the open source WordPress multisite with the Pressbooks plugin contains this default commercial advertising.


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